Deposit Protection Fund Organisational structure

Details on the position, scope and responsibilities of the Deposit Protection Fund Office, principles of Deposit Protection Fund Office organization and management, its internal organizational structure, as well as some details on relations between the Fund Office and Fund bodies are regulated by the Deposit Protection Fund Internal regulations. The Internal regulations also define the general scope of operations and responsibilities of individual organizational units of the Fund and establish the basic rights, duties and responsibilities of the Fund’s employees governing their work for the Fund Office.

The Fund Office is managed by the Presidium Chairman, who is responsible for its operations to the Fund Council and the Fund’s Supervisory Board. The Presidium Chairman holds the position of a senior employee in the management of the Fund Office.

The Fund Office is the basic organizational unit of the Fund, with all employees of the Fund, including members of the Presidium, work in the Fund Office and are the Fund employees. The Fund Office performs tasks related to the specialist, organizational and technical (including financial) support for the activities and general operation of the Fund and its bodies. Operations of the Fund Office and its organizational units are to a large extent executed by and are the responsibility of the Presidium members.

The Fund Office, as the basic organizational unit of the Fund, is divided into organizational units, which are the Fund Office departments. All Fund employees working in the Office of the Fund are included in the individual departments of the Fund Office, with the exception of the Fund’s Presidium Chairman.

The Fund Council makes decisions on the establishment, merger, dissolution or other changes of the organizational units of the Fund Office on the basis of proposals submitted by Presidium Chairman, following a review by the Fund Presidium.

Legal status of the Fund’s employees working in the Fund Office is governed primarily by the Deposit Protection Act, the Labour Code and other generally binding legal regulations, as well as the Fund’s Articles of Association and Internal regulations.

The Fund Office Department is an organizational unit of the Fund Office. Each department is responsible the performance of the Fund Office tasks, usually grouped according to related activities in terms of content and field of expertise. The Fund Office is divided into four departments, namely the Bureau of the Office of the Fund, External Relations and Legal, the Trade Policy and the Internal Finance Department. Tasks of the External Relations and the Legal and Trade Policy Departments are performed by the Fund Presidium staff members. Operations of the Internal Finance Department and the Bureau of the Office of the Fund are performed and supervised by other Fund staff (who are not members of the Presidium); at the same time, operations of these three departments fall directly within the responsibility of the Presidium Chairman.

Each department is responsible for the correct, high-quality, smooth, timely and comprehensive execution of the Fund’s operations.


Basic organizational chart of the Deposit Protection Fund

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