On December 1, 2023, based on the approval of the European Central Bank, the merger of Československá obchodná banka, a.s. and ČSOB stavebná sporitelňa, a.s., while the legal successor of ČSOB stavebná sporitelňa, a.s. became Československá obchodná banka, a.s. There was no change in the conditions of deposit protection a.s a result of the merger of these banks. Deposits of ČSOB stavebná sporitelňa, a.s. are protected within the scope of deposits of Československá obchodná banka, a.s..

In the case of proceedings concerning the assets of the bankrupt Devín Banka, as, “in bankruptcy”, the bankruptcy trustees satisfied the creditors from the assets according to the final schedule until 12/31/2020.

Regional court in Bratislava in the bankruptcy case of the bankrupt DEVÍN BANKA, a.s. By resolution no. k. 3K/297/2000 – 4809 dated 11/10/2023 decided on the cancellation of this bankruptcy proceeding after the fulfillment of the schedule resolution and on the deprivation of the functions of the trustees of the bankruptcy estates. Subsequently, at the request of the court, the company will be deleted from the commercial register.

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